Axontex™ frame wins top European prize with Hyundai


Axon Automotive are winners of the 2015 Jury Prize at the European Composites show JEC Paris. Hyundai have led the project with Korean manufacturers Hyosung and Lotte Chemicals collaborating with Axon to produce the Intrado crossover vehicle which is hydrogen powered. First seen at the Geneval motorshow in 2014 the Intrado’s all carbon fibre frame is the subject of the JEC prize. Axon’s Founder, Dr Steven Cousins says, “The combination of state of the art hydrogen powertrain and superlight all carbon fibre body structure make this vehicle a strong candidate for the world’s most advanced green car”.

The Intrado is powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain with a potent 36-kWh lithium-ion battery. Total range is roughly 370 miles on a single fill-up, from Hyundai’s advanced fuel cell system.

Hyundai claim that the new manufacturing and joining processes for the Intrado's lightweight carbon-fiber structure has "the potential to change the way cars are made." The automaker goes on to say that the Intrado's strong bones could accommodate body panels made from "any material," giving designers much more flexibility. Hyundai claim the Intrado has responsive and agile driving dynamics, thanks to its low weight and efficient powertrain.

Axon Automotive is proud to have worked with Hyundai's European Technical Centre to create the Axontex™ based all carbon fibre vehicle frame that has helped this vehicle become such a trail blazer.

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