Axon believes that the world of advanced materials is both competitive and fast moving. As a result the company is committed to high quality Research and Development into it's Axontex™ material. Axon recognises that if it is not constantly developing its materials for tomorrow it will very soon find itself with an out of date solution. As a result the company seeks to develop its existing technology as well as research into evolving technologies that offer opportunities for future developments.

Weight reduction in components and structures used in the automotive industry is one of the key areas to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability in the future. However the company is also aware that the development of composite components or assemblies for different market sectors not only involves research or development of prototypes but often requires the adopting and transferring technology from other fields to unleash the full potential of new innovations thus providing higher added value. Additionally the company believes that it needs to constantly develop the methods it uses to stay at the cutting edge of new materials and analysis techniques.

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