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About Axon

Axon Automotive is a specialist vehicle manufacturer, producing ultra-light energy efficient vehicles for customers around the world. Axon is able to produce primary vehicle structures that weigh 50% less than conventional vehicles by using its internationally patented carbon fibre beam technology, Axontex™. Half mass makes Axon’s vehicle platform ideal to lower the cost of alternative powertrains and new fuels such as battery electric, hybrids, or, hydrogen power. 

Axon Automotive has designed many structures using loops or hoops of carbon fibre made from flexible tubes.  This patented process, Axontex™, can be used to make a range of vehicle structures and has been multi award winning.  Bonding loops of carbon fibre beams or hoops of carbon fibre beams, along with branching of beam structures has also been demonstrated.


This technique can be used to produce vehicle structures from carbon fibre, using beams from made from the flexible tube Axontex structures.  This technique for the design and manufacture of complex, low weight carbon fibre vehicle structures can be achieved at low piece cost and very low investment cost, due to very low waste materials processing.  The design and manufacture is backed up by comprehensive CAE (computer aided analysis) techniques to predict the properties of the structures.

Axon’s whole vehicle design experience helps businesses win in the race to build new vehicle types. We have friendly and creative teams that provide rapid access to our unique technology, from design to turn-key factories in home markets Low capital expenditure creates new products affordably and profitably in this period of great change in the global car industry.

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