Axon, Westfield and AIE win award to develop new sportscar variant


Tomorrow’s low CO2 emission cars can be fun as well as frugal. While there have been lots of attempts to make fuel efficient cars for the future all too often these have been rather too worthy and rather too little fun. Westfield Sports Cars is determined to address this challenge by building on its own heritage of high excitement cars together with new technology from Axon Automotive and AIE.

The three companies have come together to show what can be done to build a lightweight sports car based around technology that will meet the low CO2  challenges. This team will produce a Westfield car with an advanced carbon fibre structure and an incredibly light rotary engine. This vehicle will then be tested extensively round a test track and validated on the road by a professional driver.

This new platform is expected to deliver the same levels of value for money that has long made Westfield Sportscars a firm favourite with real world enthusiasts.

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